kineret noam

What happens in the sky on Yom Kippur

About the work:

I grew up in a religious home. As a child, Yom Kippur was a dramatic and ecstatic record for me.
During the Yom Kippur service, the congregation in the synagogue reconstructs the work of the High Priest in the Temple. For example, when we read that the people of Israel bow down on the High Priest’s exodus from the Holy of Holies, the whole congregation in the synagogue bows down and shows on the floor.

In my final project I created a series of seven illuminated curtains around the question
What happens in the sky on Yom Kippur, from my changing point of view.
The illustrations are composed of ornuts from the Jewish tradition and are based on descriptions from the Gemara, Kabbalistic texts, the prayer cycle, and childhood memoirs.

* The curtain is the cloth that covers the Holy Ark in the synagogue