Rania Abu Ktiesh


After a quick decision to get engaged and soon after get married, I found myself sharing my home with someone who comes from a different background and with different habits and had to get used to his presence. Responsible for our home and our new life, from a daughter I turned into a wife and soon a mother; doing things that are expected of me, sometimes without preparation, such as cleaning, cooking, tiding up, just like my mother who started wearing her headdress after her wedding just because of the family.
I document the change I experienced in my private life during the first year of marriage. My mother’s voice accompanies me in the background: “This too shall pass, you will get used to it tomorrow,” as she herself heard the voice of her mother after she got married. As I will continue to tell myself each time I experience a transition from one state of life to another. Tomorrow, will I get used to it