Mooli goldberg


This documentary project accompanies the battle to legalize cannabis and for medical cannabis through footage and interviews with leading figures. People who, despite difficulties and harassments by the state, continue to fight for effective treatment.
The documentation started from my desire to create meaningful work that will have an impact on the promotion of human rights and help patients and users who face the violation of their right to find a cure and alleviate their suffering and realize the individual’s self-ownership.
The more I studied this subject, the more I came to realize the extent of public ignorance due to propaganda and false claims that concealed a refusal to listen, financial interests, blindness and abuse by government institutions.
I followed the battle for many months, and of the extensive documentary footage chose to focus on videos of five people who I consider to be heroes. In their own words and through their life stories they describe the importance of the battle for medical cannabis and the legalization of cannabis.
The five heroes are: Orin Panso, Gadi Wilcharsky, Meir Kadosh, Nir Yupatero )the Angel(, and Ron Tzafrir. Human Rights – Medical Cannabis – Legalization!