Liat Stolero

A Room of My Own

I did not choose to be born a woman, but I do choose to understand what femininity means for me through the artistic act. This exhibition was created from the need and desire to tell the feminine story through my eyes rather than through someone else’s. An inquisitive but intimate feminine gaze takes shape, wandering through private spaces. The photographs were created in an encounter with women, most of whom I do not even know, between the ages of twenty and thirty, photographed in lingerie in their private room.
The “room” is not only a physical space where these women live and sleep, but rather functions as a safe space in which they can dare, understand, discover, be themselves and for themselves. They let me into their private and intimate space, and I let myself into these images. This exhibition is ultimately an attempt to outline a self-portrait through women I don’t know and at the same time know very well – I am them and they are me