Yom Omer

Holding Water

My photographic process straddles the intersection of documentary photography and staged photography, through which I look at my immediate and external surroundings in a similar way that strives to create intimacy and closeness. This leads to associations between different worlds, which draw on everyday life situations and the subjects’ heroism. Often, the images have a vague sense of tension, as though something is about to happen and threatens to disrupt the familiar order. Other times, the captured moment in the photograph becomes a sculptural gesture that involves a physical gesture and a composition that resonates representations from the history of art, photography, and cinema.
The photographs hold dichotomies that intensify the drama, some even take place in the photographed subject – promise and its violation, power and tenderness, order and chaos, beauty and decay. Underscoring the authentic human experience, the fragility of man and the lack of control over his life, they summon empathy. I observe this complexity and document it, as the sensuality of everyday life and the comfort offered by beauty emerge before me through the light