Asaf Sutton

Roses at Twilight

The project reflects a biographical process – moving apartments, a sense of gradual loss, and all the while, searching for rays of light in all of this. The photographs trace familiar and intimate objects as they re-assimilate into an unfamiliar and hostile environment. The house is a form. Walls placed differently. From the bed, the space seems foreign, menacing. A faint light comes through the window, mesmerizing, as it falls on objects arranged completely haphazardly.
I am in a place of uncertainty, transience – it too will come to an end. The shadows are always with me, but the light is the one I truly know. I look at it with excitement, these are the moments that I document. Shapes, colors, lights, digital noise, everything is gathered into the image that emerges.
I photograph from an emotional, intuitive experience, trying to capture the rays of light that everyday life allows in, as a photographer and a man. The image reflects a process of examining the internal world through the external world. Between the two worlds a dimension of a photographic universe takes shape. The “noise” in the photograph, created by the lighting conditions at twilight, brings to the fore and breathes life into this photographic universe.
The eternal sunlight evokes a yearning in me.