Shaked Cohen Ilan

White Echo

“In a Jerusalem courtyard I saw seeds

spread on a cloth to dry in the sun, and I said:

Let me be their historian and tell them about the watermelons

and pumpkins they came from. I insist that the sand

remember the stone, that the stone remember the great rock

and the rock  the lava and the fire.

And I myself forget what took place last summer,

even what took place yesterday…”

Yehuda Amichai (Open Closed Open)


The fissure threatens the order,

reminding the disintegration that exists always,

the object’s erosion.

A fissure, like a wound,

marks a point where the world enters the mind or

where the mind reaches out to the world.


Materials: sand, glass, wall.

Technique: “Pate de verre” – glass powder, kiln work with wet sand and quartz plaster parts, wall carvings.

Dimensions: Variable sizes.