Tsufnat Buhadana

If thy mind escape

Deep yearning, belonging and light daydreaming. These are the feelings that play out in me
while the muezzin sounds his call to prayer, and the sky above Mount Scopus is shrouded in
prayer. The frequency of the voice, the maqam, the volume, the echo; I recognize a
movement, both inside me and outside.
I try to trace it.
This movement awakes, in my everyday life, when I come into contact with primeval texts,
with letters, with liturgical poems, with Cabalistic ideas that pluck the same hidden string
and suck me into them.

In my project, I chose to glorify the void that allows sound to fill it. I wish that the visitor who
wanders in exhibition space experience the single whole and its disintegration, the gaps that
form within it and what is held between them, the tension between the absorbing space and
the radiating sound.
In my faith, in my sensation. “There is no place devoid of Him”. I would like to expose, within
what is familiar, a space that bids one to peek into that thing that has no name, but that is
present and that stimulates and calls to action.
This is an invitation to longing.
Materials and technique: processed raw lambswool (cleaning, carding and combing), wet
felting, dry needle felting, Torah scribing, poem writing.