Inbal Yaniv

In Sight Out

The concept of my graduation project was to allow glass to guide me and guide the way I observe things. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from the environment I have lived in. I have lived on the edge of a forest, and through many walks, I have learned a lot. I was exposed to the science of fractals, which allowed me to look deeper into the images of nature.

This piece consists of a number of glass objects. All the objects have the shape of an egg, with various proportions and sizes. Each of them contains an internal bubble, decorated with paintings ranging from the abstract to the figurative. The internal bubble is covered with a thick layer of transparent glass. On the surface of each egg, a unique decoration is carved deeply into the external layer, creating a terrain of varying depths, with some areas revealing the interior image and others concealing it.

Materials and technique: hot glass, glass powders, coldworking.

Dimensions: multiple objects, width – 7-13 cm, height – 8-14 cm.