Sivan Pais


The project is an allegory, on a Rule of nature, an observation between two situations that are opposite but yet contain one another, the decay versus the ripeness.            sickness as the decay, a place that holds within the entire universe, the power of new life, a fertile ground that is conducive to germination, sprouting the awareness for a need of a change And the ripeness as the realization of health, as the moment of fulfillment, abundance and flourishing, the climactic moment that hold within it the start of withering and decaying. These two states are necessary for the existence of every living organism and they are equally important.

Materials: pâte de verre glass, pins, silk screen printing net, iron and wood frame.

Technique: screen printing, fusing, slumping.

Dimensions: 215 X 290 cm.


Thanks to the Bullseye glass Company for supporting in the project