Noam Clumeck

Noam Clumeck

“… we did not inherit a museum, and we did not come to this world to remove patiently the dust from exhibits or to polish glasses and guide packs of tiptoeing visitors from one masterpiece to another.

We do not exist merely to conserve our paternal tradition or the wonders of nature, childhood memories or sacred relics. Let our lives not become worship. The world is not a museum. Nature is not a museum, too. Culture is not a museum, 

please touch!

We are permitted to move things, bring them closer, move them away, change them and leave our own impression on them. Touch the stone, touch life, touch other people. How to touch? If I had to summarize it in one word, I would say:


(Citation translated from Amos Oz’s The Love of the Land: Against the Conservation of Nature)


Materials: various casting materials, glazing, ceramic pigments, metal, stainless steel rods.

Technique: molds, manual perforation and cleaning, threading and welding.