Dganit Marmarely

Mamma Mold

Objects consisting of images of the body and of domestic implements become mounds that

are composed of delicate layers, one on top of the other – a topography of the self.

Computerized processing creates lines that produce images, and enlarge, reduce and

multiplicate images. They then go through magnificently precise cutting performed by a

laser machine (placed on pasteboards). Shapes are pasted on top of one another to create

mounds, topography, hillocks of a feminine body and hills of domestic implements. The

models then go through a process of molding. Casting material is poured into molds,

resulting in multilayered, twined objects. In certain cases, the shapes are manually

manipulated soon after being extracted from the molds, while the material is still pliable.

Multiplicity and layering are engaged in a dialog with the many layers of the woman, of the

mother. This echoes her complexity and her manifold roles.


Materials and technique: clay casting, molds, salt glazing, glazing, high-firing.