Assaf Cohen


My work is a representation of a process. It is a sculpture of a process, an evolution of an

idea, of creation. I wish to expose the structure of my thoughts. It is a tree of associations,

with many branches, some of which are long and developed and others shorter and less

developed. All the branches have a common trunk – it is I. curiosity is the driving force of

every branch’s growth, and when it expires, the branch stops growing and a new one begins

to grow. Occasionally, branches intertwine, separate, reconnect and even suddenly snap.

This is natural evolution.

This tree of creation is an entire world that naturally branches to subspecies, genera and

families. All of them are driven by the same force: an omnipotent creator whose real

motives are beyond our comprehension. We only experience a representation of its essence

– a representation of an idea.

To make the representation of the process more precise and to refine it, I have chosen

simple geometric forms that are all created by the same method – the potter’s wheel. Every

shape is a fractal, an atom, a fundamental building block perceived clearly. The fractals

connect to one another in a similar (but not identical) manner, following strict regularity.

Thus, more or less planned processes give rise to more or less complex objects, whether

functional or not.

Materials and technique: exposed clay, iron, potter’s wheel work, welding.

Dimensions: varying size.